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Military POV Relocation – Should You Drive?

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January 3, 2014
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militaryfamily-156x106Every summer, thousands of military families receive orders to uproot themselves and move across the country. They box their possessions, load them into a military-provided moving truck, and proceed to travel to their new home. Traditionally, families would then proceed to drive there themselves, but today this process is changing as more and more military families choose to fly to their new homes and depend on auto transport to deliver their vehicles. With rising gas prices, heavy traffic, and impatient youngsters, who can blame them?

Today, shipping a car is easier than one might think. Brokers such as Nation’s Auto Transport LLC, which is based out of Pheonix, Arizona, arrange car shipments with multiple options. Customers can choose between open and enclosed shipping, and set their pickup date. The company then provides the customer with car shipping quotes, or an estimate for delivery cost and time. Using only the most reputable of auto transporters, they find a truck whose route matches the customer’s request, and then ensure that the delivery is completed to the customers’ full satisfaction.

Choosing to have one’s car professionally transported provides many benefits for military families. First, it reduces the wear and tear on the car from wasted travel miles. Just think, if you were reassigned from Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia to the Presido of Monterey and chose to drive, you would put about 3,000 miles on your car. When most people drive their cars for about 100,000 miles, this trip becomes three percent of the car’s total life. Meanwhile, vehicle relocation puts no wear and tear on the car.

The cost of shipping a car can vary. The customer’s decision of open or enclosed auto transport, as well as the distance covered has the greatest impact on price. Do your research and select a company that will provide you the best service at the best rate. Don’t forget to ask about a military discount.

Relocation Overseas is a different process altogether and is handled by the VPC (Vehicle Processing Center) at your assigned base. For overseas auto transport you are eligible to ship a single personal vehicle as long as you meet the following eligibility requirements:

– you are a member of the U.S. armed forces

– you are a DoD civilian and your orders authorize shipment of your POV

– you are a retiree authorized to ship a POV

For further information on overseas POV relocation, contact the nearest VPC. To find the VPC nearest you, go to


Author:  Alex Moore, Journalism Student, Virginia  Tech


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