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Low Auto Transport Rates

Low Auto Transport Rates During this time of year, carriers in the southern parts of the United States are looking for back hauls heading to the northern United States.  This time of year is referred to as “Snowbird Season”.  There are an abundant supply of vehicles heading south to California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and the Carolinas.  The retirees and senior citizens provide a steady stream of full truck loads of vehicles during this time of year and the whole system reverses again in the Spring.  If you are considering purchasing a vehicle or shipping a vehicle you already own from a southern location, you are in luck.  Carriers will drop their rates during this time of year just so they don’t have to run empty.

Nations Auto Transport specialists have worked many years with these carriers and are ready to provide you with 5-Star customer service and a pleasant transport experience.  In addition, we provide  secondary insurance at no additional cost, refundable deposits, and a 100% carrier satisfaction rating.  The fact that our carriers rate us so high, means our carriers enjoy working with us and will take our loads before other brokers because they are priced fairly and they know we one of on a handful of  reputable auto transport companies you can trust with your personal vehicles.

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