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Car Shipping Estimates – What to expect

Car Shipping Estimates – What to expect

When shopping for auto shipping estimates online, you are going to notice a wide range of prices. Be cautious when selecting a carrier based on price alone. There are brokers who will do anything to get your business and they may lock you in to a non-refundable deposit. In some cases your car could then sit for weeks or even months before being moved. In many of these cases, the broker has provided you with an unreasonably low price in order to lock you in so that you are forced to use their services. This same broker may notify you that your price needs to be increased in order to get your car transported. At this point, you are behind schedule and you end up paying the same price you were quoted to begin with by a reputable company like Nations Auto Transport. You may want to cancel and go with another company, but it is important to note, most of these companies will not refund your original deposit that you have already paid.

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We won’t low ball your quote just to gain your business and we certainly will not retain your deposit. All of our deposits are fully refundable, provided you cancel your agreement with Nations Auto Transport prior to your order being dispatched. Our car shipping specialists do their best to provide the most accurate auto shipping rates so you don’t have to experience these hassles, and as a result, you will have your vehicle moved in a timely manner by quality carriers.

One of our experienced auto shipping specialists will be assigned to you, and they will guide you through the entire process. You can contact us by phone or email during regular business hours, and our agents generally will respond to your voicemails and emails even after hours and on the weekends.

Nations Auto Transport and our professional agents work with only the most experienced and highest rated carriers in the country. They will ensure that all carriers will have the proper DOT licensing and insurance coverage necessary, and will review the carrier’s experience and customer service industry rating to ensure that others who have worked with your carrier have experienced positive results. In addition to all this, Nations Auto Transport also provides, at no additional cost, a general liability, auto liability and contingent cargo liability coverage on all transports, simply as secondary coverage.