Insurance and Refund Policy

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Car Shipping Insurance

All of our carriers go through an industry rating system that allows us to verify that they currently have the required cargo insurance coverage before we ever dispatch a load to them. In additional to the carrier’s standard cargo coverage, Nations Auto Transport also carries our own contingent liability policy that covers every transport that we book.

Our Carrier Compliance Standards

Before we ever dispatch a vehicle to a carrier, we verify the following information:

  • License and Insurance is valid
  • Carrier has been in business under current license a minimum of 90 days and have at least 10 positive feedback points from other brokers

What is contingent liability insurance?

In the event that the carriers cargo insurance lapses while your vehicle is in transit, our policy will ensure that your precious cargo will continue to be fully insured.

Our policy offers peace of mind and is included with every auto transport quote, for no additional fee.

Nations Auto Transport, LLC is an auto transport broker and at no time will our company nor our agents have care, custody or control of your vehicle(s). If any damages are discovered when the vehicle is delivered, please note them on the bill of lading BEFORE you sign it. If your transport was COD, you must negotiate with the carrier about the damages. All damage claims must be filed against the carriers cargo insurance policy. Nations Auto Transport, LLC will make every effort to assist the client in making this claim. Claims are only filed against Nations Auto Transport LLC’s contingent cargo insurance if the carriers policy lapses during transport.

Refund Policy

We do not require a deposit upfront in most cases, however, our auto transport quotes and services are backed by a 100% refundable deposit.  If for any reason, we are unable to get your vehicle dispatched in a timely manner, we will refund your deposit without any questions asked.

Please note that our refund policy excludes bookings that fall under the following conditions.

If your vehicle has already been dispatched and…* you have changed your mind about the transport of your vehicle

* you have selected a different transport option or hired another carrier

* the vehicle is not ready for pick up as agreed

* vehicle is not as described (custom modifications, non-running at time of pick up)

Under these conditions, a refund will not be issued.  Cancellations prior to dispatch will be refunded.  Be sure to check before selecting a transport service provider.  Just because a carrier’s rates are favorable doesn’t mean you have a quality auto transport carrier.