Alexa Certified - Nations Auto Transport

Services and Discounts

Franchise Dealers and Fleets

Franchise car dealers ship cars every day from dealer trades to buyers. Because of their large volume, we can offer discounted rates. In addition, franchise dealers are able to finance their transports with 15 day payment terms, with zero interest.

Contact us for more information. A transport specialist will be assigned to your account, get your credit application process and will begin working with your team to provide the most cost effective and convenient auto transport services.

Military personnel move frequently. The first move is typically covered by the government, but future moves can put a financial burden on the troops. Because of this, military personnel are encouraged to contact us by phone to arrange auto transport services. We can offer considerable discounts and help easy the stress of your move.

eBay Buyers

Individuals who purchase vehicles on eBay can get incredible deals on reliable vehicles. However, 90% of the vehicles that are sold on eBay are shipped and these buyers need a source for getting the new purchase home. Give us a call, tell us what auction you have won and we will arrange transport with your seller.  Many time our rates are better than what you may receive by going through U-Ship.