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Auto Transport Delays – 3 Day Window is Industry Standard

Car carriers cross thousands of miles every month and inevitably run in to delays while transporting vehicles.

Delays can include inspection delays, long lines at weight stations, mechanical troubles, road closings and during this time of the year weather delays.  Carriers will do their best to estimate the time it will take to deliver your vehicles from the origin to destination, but there is no guarantee that the vehicle will arrive exactly on the day you would like it.  Most of the time this is not an issues, but shippers beware, auto transport delays are possible. The same situation could happen if you are driving the vehicle yourself, so be patient and don’t give your carrier a hard time if he/she is experiencing delays that are beyond their control.

truckloadingoncarrierWhat should you  do before you ship a car?

First, book your transport well in advance.  The more time your broker has to locate a carrier the better.

Allow a 3 day window for pick up and a 3 day window for delivery.  Make arrangements at both ends for unforeseen delays.

Have all of the necessary paperwork complete and ready when the carrier arrives.

Make sure you haven’t left out any details about the vehicle that may cause an issue such as non-running vehicles or modification outside the standard vehicle specifications.

Prepare your vehicle for shipping and make sure there is no more than 1/4 tank of gasoline.  To learn more tips on preparing your vehicle for auto transport, click here for tips.

For a dependable auto transport company, contact Nations Auto Transport, LLC at 1-877-331-3100.

All of   our carriers go through an industry rating system that allows us to verify that they currently have the required licensing, bonding and cargo insurance coverage before we ever dispatch a load to them.   In additional to the carrier’s standard cargo coverage, Nations Auto Transport also carries our own contingent liability policy that covers every transport that we book.

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