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American Muscle Cars Down Under

American Muscle Cars Down Under

Big, flashy, loud and powerful; the muscle car is a quintessentially American product. Car enthusiasts around the world have fallen in love with the idea of putting a large displaced V-8 engine into a car and having real muscle in their vehicle.  The muscle car industry in Australia was established around the same time as the one in the USA, and the country boasts a large muscle car fan-base. Following several incidents of reckless muscle car driving in populated areas in the mid 70-s, Australia’s car industry unfortunately ground to a halt. From then onwards, the only way for Aussies to get behind the wheel of a muscle car was to order one from America.

 enclosed auto transport quoteImporting From America

The legal aspects of import are the first things to take into consideration when ordering a vehicle from abroad. There are various governmental websites that deal with these issues, and provide detailed information on the subject. You should pay special attention to whether some parts of the car are not made in the USA, or if the car or any of its parts are second hand. If that is the case, customs will inspect the car more thoroughly and additional fees may be required. Vehicles can be imported by either individuals or Registered Automotive Workshops, known as RAWs.  There are various RAWs in Australia, and they offer an extensive array of services including purchasing, packing and shipping, transport organization and work with customs. At first glance it might seem expensive and complicated to get your muscle car delivered from the USA right to your doorstep. However, seeing as importing a car from the USA is up to $5,000 less expensive than buying one from an Australian dealership, it might well save you some money.

Buying Second Hand

For the muscle car enthusiast on a budget, a good option is to buy a used car from a fellow Australian. Most of the car market has moved onto the internet, and there are various websites that sell used cars. While some of them are specialized in era specific cars, others are classic car markets that list used muscle cars and all sorts of spare parts. One such web site that is an all round second hand car market in Australia is You can browse for used cars by private sale or through second hand car dealers. Prices vary depending on make, model, condition, age etc. A 1984 Pontiac Firebird sells for around $10.000, and newer models rarely exceed $40.000. Ford Mustangs are more expensive. Older ones in not so great condition sell for around $22.000, while newer models can be as much as $150.000.

Fan Clubs

There is a budding muscle car fan-base in Australia, and there are online fan clubs that cater to all tastes. From era-specific car clubs to general clubs for petrol heads, the muscle car scene is alive and well in Australia. These clubs go far beyond being a place for passionate car fans to exchange information online. Many of them organize events and get-togethers where fellow muscle car fans can get together and enjoy each other’s company, share news and show off their prized four wheelers. The American Muscle Car Club of Australia even organizes charity events, raising money for charitable causes by organizing, for example, muscle car auctions.

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