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5 Tips For Shipping Your Car

5 Tips For Shipping Your Car

Are you thinking of shipping your car to a new location?  Below are five good tips to consider before you get started, during the process and after receipt of your shipped vehicle.

1) Empty everything from your car.  There’s always something extra you can remove to cut your car’s weight and decrease the possibility of extra fees. Three easy things to remove are:

  • Excessive gas in your cars fuel tank.
  • Removable seats that can be detached and put back in place easily.
  • Any tool boxes, spare tires, or extra car parts that are stowed in compartments.

10 reasons to ship a car2) Ask for a binding full cost car shipping quote up front, not an “estimate”.   A partial, or open-ended estimate from an auto shipper can result in an unexpectedly higher bill in the end of your hall, sometimes well in excess of the original price discussed.  Get it in writing!3)  Document everything with a photo.  Take pictures of your car or truck, both inside and out, prior to having it shipped. This is substantial proof of the vehicle’s condition before being moved and is important should you find yourself in a dispute.

4) Don’t rush the unloading process – and don’t let it be done out of sight or in secret. If any scratches, dents or damage shows up on your vehicle, you need to be absolutely sure how it occurred and when it occurred.  As noted above – document everything in writing and with photos!

5) If you found anything wrong with the condition of your vehicle after shipping, address it in full before signing the bill of lading (BOL).  As a standard process, disputing a claim after the car is handed over and signed for can be significantly more difficult.  Document, document, document!  Take photos, record conversations and do everything possible before signing the BOL.

If all the above seems like a hassle…well…it is.  You can avoid issues like this by trusting professional, dependable auto shippers.  Call Nations Auto Transport today for professional service and guaranteed satisfaction!